Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Review From My Niece Trinity! The New Michael's Doll Madeline!

Hi, my name is Trinity. I am 10 years old and I am Karen's niece. 
I got a new doll today from Michaels Craft Store with my birthday money and her name is Madeleine. She is from the creatology line of 18 inch dolls. She has blond hair and her hair is really light and smooth. She also has beautiful blue eyes. She come's with a light pink shirt,black leggings and pink plastic shoes on.

I collect alot of American Girl Doll's, Mapelea, Springfield and other 18 inch dolls. I wanted to add her to my collection ever since I heard about this new line of dolls.
Madeleine is like the American girl dolls; but, they have a few differences. These dolls are a little shorter than my other dolls and they have eyelashs painted on them in addition to really ones on the eyelids. The wig is put on the doll differently too.

They have some similarities to my other dolls such as the feet and hand's are the same size.This is great because they can share shoes with eachother! Their body's are similar size's and there hair feels the same.
Over all I am very happy with my newest doll Madeleine! 

My other dolls are happy to welcome a new friend!
Thank you Trinity! This is a great post to share with my readers and I am so excited for you and all your doll friends to have her to celebrate the rest of the holidays with!
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  1. I find the shoes just a bit bigger, they will fit the Kaye Wiggs 53cm resin "Nelly" body where the other 18" child doll types will not.

  2. Thank you Trinity. That was a good review. I too bought this beautiful doll. She has rooted hair. I also bought her cheerleading outfit. Merry Christmas.