Sunday, December 20, 2015

Starwars Fever? We Have It Too!

Unless you are living under a rock you may have realized the new Star Wars Movie has just come out and we are all feeling the love and excitement in this house! Today Madelon and I are pleased to share with you some etsy fun finds to bring the excitement home for your dolls.
First is a glitter transfer found on our 175th Etsy Shop feature sewcutebymary turn your dolls plain shirt into a commemorative one by clicking here.
I think that Grace looks amazing in this t-shirt don't you? Click here for  our 177th Etsy shop featured JulesNmedolldesigns
Thank you all for joining us today and for your feed back and love! 
Jessica T has found a great site that you can down load and print and create your own Star Wars Snowflakes! Click here to make your own.

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