Saturday, December 19, 2015

Spoilers For 2016 And My Thoughts

I have seen for months now spoiler photos of the new doll of the year and while I am excited I choose not to share the actual photos of the doll that have been leaked here on my blog. I don't love surprises but I do feel let down when the big reveal for the doll that we all wait for in December is spoiled by people on social media. So I wont share her photos here early. That being said about the doll of the year I will say that I am very excited by the rumored new historical doll coming in August 2016. I saw a leaked book image on facebook and while I hate it when people share these images with out putting a spoiler alert in their statement and the photo in the comments so that if you really want to see if you have a choice, I will say that my heart did a little dance and I am so excited to see the new historical doll. I know first hand that each doll is planned a few years in advance by America Girl and that so much thought, research and effort to produce dolls we are going to love and be excited about go into each and every one. So I will not spoil it for you here you will have to look else where but for me I do believe I will be saving my money for August!
Thank you for understanding and joining us here!
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  1. I agree! I'll probably also be saving up money for August 2016. I'm looking forward to the 2016 GOTY as she looks adorable.

  2. I agree! Thank you for not posting the leaked photos.

    I am excited about both new dolls, but hope if the one name s correct AG won't come after me for breaking trademark. I've had my name since 2001. ;-)