Monday, December 28, 2015

Sorry I Slept In This Morning! Here Is A Jessica T Tip!

How have we gotten to the point in the season where I have nothing written for the day? I am so sorry I have been not feeling well and only just gotten up!
Jessica T sent me this fantastic tutorial to share with you all from Sunset Family Living! This is such a great tutorial for a Pink Cinderella doll dress and matching girl dress too! Click here for the tutorial
As well Jessica T got the mini build a bear shirt for her mini! Look how cute it is!
This is her previous one! Such a great find!
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  1. Feel better soon. The cold has arrived here with horrible storms ahead so I am snuggled in with my dog. I so need to check out sales but no desire to dress warmly in outside clothes to make the trip. Take care of yourself. Drink your tea.