Friday, December 18, 2015

Madelon's 1950's Look For Her Doll Reminds Me Of White Christmas

My favorite holiday movie is White Christmas. I have watched it now on a loop about 4 times a day since December 1st. The costumes of this movie were designed by Designer Edith Head She was already an Oscar-winner by the time she worked on White Christmas. Throughout her life, she won eight Academy Awards for costume design!
Madelon used different pieces from her own collection to create this look and I love it!
 Pairing different clothes from different eras to create stunning looks and great style is something Madelon is so great at! 
As I write this post I am watching White Christmas now for the 6th time today. I love having it playing while I write is always inspires me. Thank you Madelon for sending this fun outfit idea my way!

For more interesting facts about my favorite Christmas Movie White Christmas please click here.
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  1. White Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie too. I finally got to see it on Christmas eve eve! :)