Saturday, April 23, 2016

Do A Little Math Make A Little Swing Seat For Your Dolls! A Jessica T Tip

I have not done the math but Jessica T and I think that if you take this E How Tutorial for a Macrame Seat you can make a great doll house porch accessory for your dolls.
We think that if you make this pattern and reduce it to 1/3 the size that it should fit the 18 inch dolls (Don't quote us on that you may want to figure out the math yourself but based on what we know that dolls are 1/3 the size of girls their supposed age that is what we are going with )
To view this fun summer craft tutorial please click here. It would be fun to see a dolly and me version don't you think?
We would love to see yours if you make one! Email us a picture at
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  1. 1/3 size should work- the dolls are 1/3 scale so something that is 1 inch to us would be 3 inches to them, hence why the mini dolls are 6 inches tall. MATH! (jazz hands)
    (Also, I actually might try this. It's cute!)

  2. Cute! This would be perfect for Lea's rainforest house that we made! ~ginnie