Friday, August 15, 2014

Elegant Escape And Doll Play

So often I get on my blog and just write about things I am interested in and hope that you enjoy what I share. Someone asked me why I write like I do and why I share the things I do and quite simply I write about what interests me and what I think may interest others. Today I ask that you indulge me in one of my interests. The Regency Era and Jane Austen.

I am influenced at times by things I see on TV, Netflix or just surfing the net. Today I share with you some of my favorite Jane Austen Era themed doll items as part of my "Elegant Escape" (the time I spent watching Austen Themed Movies this week) and the Etsy items I found that inspired me. 
The above pattern is an intermediate pattern by Thimbles and Acorns, for Regency inspired outerwear for 18 inch dolls. While this pattern is for a more advanced seamstress it is still quite stunning and I love the idea making the hats don't you? Check out this pattern by clicking here for the Thimbles and Acorns Etsy shop.
Even if you do not sew you can find some beautiful items for your Regency Doll Play collection like this wonderful hat by Doll House Designs Etsy Shop, ready made and ready to ship click here for more information.
Simply stunning! This is an incredible deal from Mother of Nine's Etsy shop. This listing is for the "Spencer" only (coat) and you have to see all the photos in this listing to see what I mean!
made of Grey Linen and lined in Snow White Stain, this is a collector's dream! Click here for shop and listing.
While in her shop looking at the Spencer, do stick around and check out her other stunning creations like this lavender and ivory gown. Click here for this listing.
The White Poodle Etsy shop has this Lovely Pink dress and Bonnet Offered in their Etsy shop. Click here for shop and listing.
The yellow rosebuds on this dress is what has drawn me to this listing not to mention the wonderful photos that Doll Closet includes in her shop listings. The simple yellow rosebuds make this very simple dress stand out as a personal favorite. Offered at $18 this dress is one I am considering purchasing for my own collection. Click here to see this shop and listing.

Thank you for indulging me in my Jane Austen mood today! If you are looking for a classic and wonderful series to read do pick up a copy of any of her works at your local library or book seller. If you are one of my older readers and are looking for some wonderful movies may I suggest the BBC productions of Austen's work on Netflix. I have enjoyed them for years and love that I can watch them at the push of a button when the mood for an "Elegant Escape" hits me!

If you are looking for a lighter and fun Austen type movie I suggest Lost in Austen or even Austenland, which I watched earlier this week and so enjoyed.
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  1. LOVE these outfits. Way beyond my skill level, but quite stunning.