Friday, August 8, 2014

News From Maplelea! A Meet Up and New On!

Maplelea is doing some really fun things! This August  if you are in the London Ontario area they are having a Maplelea Meet up! If I lived less then a 5 day drive from the meet up I would be going!

Maplelea has been sharing some wonderful photos this summer of the Maplelea Girls enjoying all Canada has to offer! I loved this one of Mountain Lake, Rocky Mountains, AB which I found on their Facebook page

Maplelea is expanding as well! For those of you in the USA who are looking to add one of these beautiful dolls to your doll families Maplelea has just announced that you can now get Maplelea products at 

This means that for my American Friends you will not have to pay the cross border shipping charges! A savings that means more money to spend on dolly goodness! 
Be sure to check back for more information on Maplelea's Meet Up but save the date for August 24th! If you are going and woudl like to be my special reporter that day do let me know! As for my wonderful American Readers be sure to shop early to avoid disappointment this up coming holiday season! You can visit Mapelela by clicking here 
or you can visit Maplelea Products on by clicking here
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  1. I was excited to hear that Maplelea dolls would be available on Amazon and immediately put Saila in my cart. However, I didn't check out right away, and when I went back later she was out of stock. She must be very popular!

  2. I was very excited to hear that Maplelea is available on amazon. It is only showing 3 of the dolls available right now so I hope the rest of the line becomes available soon. we have AG dolls but Maplelea is growing on me the quality reminds me of AG back in the 90s and their faces look very sweet and young which is really cute in my opinion.