Saturday, August 23, 2014

Madelon's Repurposed Baby Dress Fun Finds!

Madelon emailed me this fun find a few weeks ago but I have been so busy I was unable to post it until now. I love the colors in this baby dress that Madelon has re purposed into a doll dress.

The dress has an unusual pleated waist and the darling belt really makes the dress!

 Madelon has also found these Garanimal's 0-3 month dresses that work really well on the dolls!
 The neon colors are so much fun!

These are adorable fun finds Madelon!
See what you can do with baby clothes to dress up your own dolly wardrobe.
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  1. I just posted on my blog about how I turned newborn clothing items (size 5-8 pounds) into 18-inch doll clothes: