Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Madelon's Mini Doll Fun Finds!

Madelon has sent in some really cute ideas and fun finds but I love this one of Kit who is channeling her inner Julianne Hough in this Dance outfit that is actually a set of mini clothes from Funville.
 Loving the DANCE on the pant leg!
Mini Saige Gets in on the action with this Coral and Lace Dress!
Check out the tie dye inspired sun dress! Perfect on Saige!
Madelon also found some little Moxie Girlz Dolls at Target and they make great little sisters or friends for teh 6 inch dolls!
A great deal at $2.99!
Be sure to keep your eyes out for fun finds like these at Target for your own dolls!
Thank you to Madelon for these wonderful fun finds!
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  1. You mentioned these mini clothes are from Funville. What is Funville?