Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our Outdoor Tea Party!

This past week my nieces, nephew and one of my young sons had an outdoor tea party and doll play.

 The weather was wonderful and we took almost every piece of my doll play collection outside and made a day of it. We set up all our doll play scenes and our American Doll Rooms, which were a big hit!

I set the table for tea, made tea sandwiches, scones and cup cakes, hot and cold tea for us all to enjoy.

After lunch I let the girls all pick out their favorite fabric from my stash and I sewed them each a new dress for their dolls.
Of the six dresses I made that afternoon this one on Hannah's doll is my favorite. Hannah loves her American Girl dolls and Starwars so when I was in California in March I picked up some Starwars Fabric and Hannah was thrilled with her dress and so was I!

We had a wonderful time, the weather was great and it was nice to have my young nieces together. My sister and her 4 children are here visiting from Montreal. Tea parties for us are few and far between.
I will treasure these memories and hope they will too.

So go ahead and take doll play and tea outside. CLICK HERE FOR MY TUTORIAL ON HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN TEA CUP'S & SAUCERS FOR YOUR DOLLS. Make a day of it and remember to invite me!

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  1. Six dresses! Wow! That's great. Looks a really fun party too.