Friday, March 20, 2015

A Dolly Neighbor Visit With Karen Of The Dolly Dish

Today we have a dolly neighbor visit with Karen of The Dolly Dish Etsy shop. Karen creates doll size and doll pet sized food and accessories for 18 inch dolls.
KMOT: How did you get started creating items for 18 inch dolls?

TDD: "My oldest was having an AG themed 8th birthday party and I wanted to do something different for party favors.  A few You Tube videos later, we had adorable treats for the dolls' dinner and breakfast the next morning.  Word spread and a business was born.  I encourage everyone to try it.  It is easy and a great way to spend time with your little doll lovers.  For those who are craft challenged, I am glad to help."

KMOT: What are your favorite kinds of Dolls? 

TDD: " I like the JLY dolls.  My youngest has #28 and my oldest has Kit.  They both look like their dolls and I think that adds a level of imagination to their play."

KMOT: What do you like most about doll play?
TDD: "I love that 18" dolls gives the girls the opportunity for wholesome imaginative play.  There are very few outlets for girls today to have good honest play."

KMOT: What si your favorite things to create for Doll play?
TDD:  " I love making things that are different or encourage girls to take their play in a new direction.  Food is fun, because it is a challenge to make it look real and not cutesy.  I have started making items to decorate doll houses.  Dollhouses for 18" dolls are something I see trending.  I am working on a few pieces to add even more realism to those amazing rooms."

KMOT: What would you like my readers to know about you and your family? 
TDD: " I am a Buckeye who has transferred to 8 different states for my husband's job.  I currently live in Music City (Nashville) and LOVE IT!  We are getting an AG store in Spring of 2015...I can't wait!  I feel fortunate to have found a way to relate to my girls.  This adventure has been a perfect way to create with my girls and have fun!"
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  1. Wow! This is so neat! I especially like the art set!