Saturday, March 21, 2015

Madelon Recreates Her Own Samantha's Art Set

"I took things that I had around the house to recreate Samantha's Art set."

"I purchased this from a Dollar Store in Canada 2 years ago" (We still have them at my local dollar store)

" I used my Twin's Art Box Set"
The Pallette fits nicely in her hand!
Use what you have and what you can find at your local dollar stores to create a great doll play set like Madelon has done!
Thank you Madelon for sharing all of these wonderful photos and ideas with us today.
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  1. My daughter recreated Saige's art set for me last Christmas. I added a dollar wooden box from Michael's or Joanne's and from the dollar store bought a package of little paint sets and a package of plastic bubbles( they look like little paint tubes and fit nicely in the box. I want to paint the box and add a handle. I'll send you a photo.