Monday, March 30, 2015

Mini Doll Couture Dresses A Tutorial By Karen Mom of Three

I have had this one knee length sock I bought to make a full sized 18 inch doll dress from the dollar store for more then a year now and decided to use the left over sock to make new outfits for the mini dolls. Out of one sock I was able to make 3 pretty fun and easy to put on dresses my nieces just love!
Simply by measuring the sock and cutting along the stripes at the right length and then snipping a 1/2 inch on each side in the third stripe for arm holes the dress is almost ready!
Slide the doll into your dress and using a small hair elastic (which I found in a package at my Dollar Store) as a belt your dress is ready to wear.
Add a button with a dab of glue or just leave as is.
You can have a long evening gown or a short and fun tea style dress, fold or cut the material to the length you want as I did with Kit!
These dresses turned out great! I was able to make 3 mini doll dresses and likely could have gotten 4 out of one Knee Length Dollar Store Sock!
I used the other sock in a craft of Daydream Doll Boutique in 2013 Click here for that tutorial! 
Not bad to get so much use out of one $1.25 pair of socks!  See what you can make for your mini dolls with items you may already have in your craft box like I did!
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