Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to school craft fun with my Doll Diaries post from last year

I have had a request to share with you all the back to school crafts I did over at Doll Diaries last summer and if you are looking for a fun back to school party activity for your girls and their dolls you are sure to enjoy these are fun and inexpensive crafts.
Click here to see how to make your own felt back pack.
Easily create your own doll sized pencils and pencil crayons with toothpicks and washable markers as I did for this low mess craft. Click here to find out how.

Don't forget to keep your eyes out at party stores and dollar stores for small back to school novelty items that make great doll play accessories.

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  1. What a brilliant idea .I believe there are thousands of people who will find it useful.
    I m definitely going to tell all my friends about your art.

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  2. thanks for sharing.