Monday, August 27, 2012

Movie Monday! Something to do today...

I was trying to find something to write about that would make Monday's better. I thought perhaps a Monday Movie would be a great way to start the week. So today's post is all about the Movies and Popcorn...
The first American Girl Movie I ever watched was about Chrissa, this is mostly because she is my most favorite doll and I loved the message of this movie. As girls go back to school this maybe a good movie for you to watch together and discuss how bulling effects everyone!
It is offered on the American Girl Website for $14.95 click here for the listing.
Other great American Girl Movies to see....

Your local library is also a great resource for borrowing American Girl Movies as well as countless other timeless family fun movies, don't forget to check there on your next library trip.
Keeping with the Movie Monday theme I love this new set for the bitty twins, I only wished it was an 18 inch doll accessory though I am tempted to get it anyway as it is perfect for Dolly Movie Nights!

In 2011 I showed how to make your doll her own Movie Style Popcorn. Click here
to see how you can make your own.
 Brandy showed her version of popcorn in this post here on my blog, click here for Brandy's Popcorn.

A Kuza reader over at Doll Diaries shared her idea for Doll Popcorn with our readers, click here for this easy and clever creation.

Make the most of your Monday and I will see you back here tomorrow.
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  1. Don't forget Karen, I have my Jiffy Pop tutorial over at Doll Diaries too!