Monday, August 6, 2012

Have you ever wondered about customizing your dolls?

Today I am thrilled to share with you an interview I did with a member of one of the online doll groups I belong to.

Cryssi Van Laarhoven  is a doll lover and artist who began customizing her dolls last winter and she has since customized 6 18 inch dolls and even made her Bitty twin Yuli, "grow up"

I asked Cryssi, what made her want to customize her dolls and she says it was a  "Weird determination to do things just as good or maybe better after seeing some videos"

I also wanted to know what Cryssi liked most about customizing dolls and she shared that "It is the  creativity and possibilities of the outcome."

The question I think that holds people back from customizing their dolls is well answered by Cryssi, to the question of what do you not like about customizing dolls she replied "
messing up..."

I also asked Cryssi, if she had any advice for those of us thinking of customizing a doll and she had this to say...

 "It's not easy, start slow, and remember, there are people out there who can offer advice or help."

Cryssi, has a wonderful fan page she has just started called Cryssis Vinyl Girls
as well  Cryssi has a You Tube Channel as well check out her videos here:

Thank you to Cryssi for sharing with us your photos and video's!
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  1. Hi Karen! I've also customized a doll. Would you like it if I sent you a picture of her? (Tell me in a comment here or on one of my blogs, or


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