Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dolly Hungry? Looking For Something Slightly Different? Check Out These Etsy Finds!

As I write this I am eating Thai food and thought to myself I wonder if anyone is doing doll sized international food and Doll Food that looks good enough to eat and well that is not cupcakes or sweets which I usually share on my etsy doll food finds....well I found a few great shops like  dollfood2wear Etsy Shop selling this fun set for 18 inch dolls!
This set is a steal at $11.50 click here for shop and listing.
A favorite snack of mine, in fact I can not stop eating chips and guacamole until the entire bowl is gone! I love this set by The Cosmopolitan Doll Etsy Shop, this listing $7.25!

The doll Burritos by livvylee look good enough to eat! Two for $6 plate not included. Click here for shop and listing
This doll soup is so brilliant American Doll Kitchen Way to go! I love how you can see what the Chef has cooking her her pot!

All of these wonderful listing would go nicely with my favorite iced drink, don't forget to check out Jessie Raye's Etsy Shop! This is on my list for sure!


  1. Thank you for including my chips and guacamole in this post! Your blog is awesome!

  2. It all looks great! I'm going to have to save this post so I can remember the sites.