Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Around The Corner, Means Baseball Is Too!

Almost Spring which means Almost Baseball Season, here are some of my favorites from one of my Favorite Etsy shops
My Girl Clothing Co has my favorite Baseball outfit on Etsy I think it is the stir-up pants that does it for me!
For an additional nominal fee you can add a mitt bat and ball!  Custom ordered to your desired team, click here for shop, listing and to find out more about My Girl Clothing Co.
Just looking to add a team hat to your collection not to worry My Girl Clothing Co has that for you too! Click here for shop and listing.
So if you are a fan looking to add some baseball inspired items to your doll play collection check out  My Girl Clothing Co and bring some Spring Time Fun to your home!
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  1. That's really neat. I wish AG would bring back Kit's Cincinnati Reds outfit.