Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Totally Me! A Paint Your Own Tea Set By Toys R Us Product Review

For Christmas my nieces Laura and Thea gave me a Totally Me Tea set and recently Thea and I got it out and painted it! This is a fun product and the perfect gift/project for this crafty tea loving Aunt!
Toys R US sells this set on line for $11.99 and this is a fabulous deal!  This set includes everything you need except the newspaper to paint on. The box recommends 8+ but my Three year old Niece and I had a blast painting our own cups and I took on the tea pot, creamer and sugar.
As we painted I chose a simple line design in purple and Yellow, Thea liked to use as many colors as possible!
We both had a blast painting these and recommend this set to any tea and craft loving girl or adult! While it dried we had our weekly tea and now we have a keepsake tea set!
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  1. I so very much want one of these sets. It's really cool and has a setting for 4! So many times the sets I see are Tea for Two. What fun is that? :)