Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Canadian Thanksgiving Is This Weekend! Madelon's Fun Finds!

Today Madelon shares her vintage inspired signs for your doll dining room she found for 3.99 each at World Market.
You read this right here in Canada we have Thanksgiving this weekend. It is always this way just like your fixed American Thanksgiving. Ours is always the second weekend in October and yours is always the last Thursday of November. Honestly I enjoy yours much better then mine as Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me in early October! 

 These lovely hanging ornaments would make wonderful holiday prints to hang in your dolls dinning room don't you think?
I love the Turkey ones and the little clips would make really interesting dolly table decor! 
Thank you Madelon for these fun finds!
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  1. What is World Market? where is it? I googled it, and found a furniture store :)

    1. I found them all over the USA when I was there this summer!