Saturday, October 24, 2015

New At My Michael's Store

I was wandering through Michael's for some craft supplies when what did my wandering eyes spy but a new line of 18 inch dolls!
New from Creatology there are 4 new dolls and accessory sets.
I was really surprised to find this new line of dolls in store and a bit excited too, I love their little faces! Other then their price of $34.99 and the photos I am sharing here I know very little of these dolls. I look forward to hearing from you all what you think about them.
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  1. Interesting. Can't find anything on them on internet. Wonder if they are replacing Springfield. Did you get some idea as to the quality level of the clothes, accessories as well as the dolls?

  2. This is so exciting! I doubt they'll replace Springfield btw. There are a LOT of new dolls out there. There's no web presence yet...

  3. We believe that they are. I have heard mixed reviews but will let you know as I go through my emails.

  4. I just bought the dark-skinned doll, Kaylee, for my daughter. :)

  5. Saw these dolls late last year. There are 4 of them, Madeline, Lauren, Zoey & Kaylee. They sell in store and online for $24.99. They are called the Modern Girls by Creatology and sold exclusively at Michaels. Outfits and accessories are limited but increasing.
    Also I noticed that Joann's has an exclusive line of Springfield dolls in store only so far. I think there are four. I saw one named Paige and one named Ella.