Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Life As Desks! A Madelon Fun Find!

Madelon is so very good to me. She has always got some wonderful items to share and always lets me share her fun finds with all of you. My daily emails are often in the 100's and I am always thrilled to see Madelons emails, I want you all to know that she works so hard daily to send me so many wonderful dolly fun finds and I can not always keep up. I want to let you all know that I think the world of Madelon and want to thank her for everything she does behind the scenes for us that you do not see!
Today Madelon shares her fun find the My Life as desks! She has two of them and these were priced under $10 each. They are brightly colored and they have storage rack under the chair they are super cute!
You can create an entire class room for your dolls out of Madelon's fun finds!
School your dolls in American Art with these wonderful little books from Barnes & Noble. Check the little spinning racks at your local store and find perfectly sized text books for your dolls.
Thank you so much Madelon for everything you do and send. Please help me thank Madelon for all she does by sharing your thoughts in a comment below.
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  2. I always enjoy seeing your fun finds Mandelson. Sorry I meant Madelon.

  3. Thanks to Madelon for all that you do! I'm always amazed by your creativity and your ability to see things in new and unexpected ways! Also thanks to Karen for hosting this blog and giving us a place to come together and share ideas!

  4. I always enjoy seeing your fun finds Madelon.