Monday, April 15, 2013

A Wonderful Shop For Mini Dolls A Spotlight on Dough Ditties Etsy Shop

 I have stumbled across a real Etsy Gem, Dough Ditties Etsy Shop offers the most adorable doll clothes for the American Girl Doll Mini Dolls.
Her selection is not matched anywhere and each item is so lovingly and well made!
I have been a huge fan of the mini dolls for quite sometime and Dough Ditties Helps these 6 inch dolls to reach their full play potential!  
I was equally thrilled when shop owner and designer Mary agreed to an interview and I am thrilled to share with you today!
Q:How long have you been sewing? 
A:I've been sewing since age 10 or so, but nothing complicated. I made clothes for family members and myself after I was married (sewing on my husband's grandmother's treadle machine). In my late 20s I made character dolls out of papier mache and created all their costumes.

 What made you start sewing for the mini dolls?
A:Two years ago our son married and we became instant grandparents of a 9-year-old girl. They all flew from Arizona to Indiana to meet my husband and me and I wanted to give our granddaughter a gift that she could play with while here and that would be easy to take home on the plane. I discovered the mini American Girl dolls and ordered Kirsten for her. When Kirsten arrived I knew she had to have a variety of clothes so I set to work making a nightgown, play clothes, a dress, a backpack with school supplies, and a blanket and pillow. I was hooked. 

Which Mini Dolls Do you have?
A:Since Kirsten was flying to Arizona, I needed to have another mini to use to make patterns so I bought Kit and Josefina. Last summer I found Molly at a yard sale. A few weeks ago I added Addy to my collection.
What is your favorite thing to make?
 A:I enjoy making most anything, but my favorite is to come up with an idea, decide on accessories, and make that for the first time. Sometimes that can be a struggle. It took my 6 attempts to come up with a sundress I liked. Figuring out how to make a kilt and the matching tam was probably the most fun so far.

If anything what do you find challanging about sewing for the 6 inch dolls?

A: I love working on the mini AG size. I think it's a natural scale for me (similar to my dough ornament size and clothespin dolls). I find it extremely challenging, though, to sew clothes that fit these little dolls well and aren't bulky. Footwear is another challenge that I'm working on. I want to learn how to make dress shoes.
 A huge thank you to Mary for sharing with us a bit about her wonderful shop. I am so thrilled to see all these wonderful play clothes for the 6 inch dolls. I have my eyes on quite a few of these for my personal collection!
If you have ever thought about adding a 6 inch doll to your collection now is the perfect time! I love the outfits and items for 6 inch dolls created by Mary of Dough Ditties Etsy Shop and I know you will find hours of fun with her well made clothes for the Mini American Girl Dolls. The portability and play ability of these dolls is now made even more special with outfits and accessories like the ones offered in Mary's Shop.
Be sure to visit Dough Ditties today and see for yourself the more then 30 items created just for the Mini Dolls!
Click here to visit Dough Ditties or on any of the highlighted words in this post! 
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  1. Adorable! I think Felicity and Elizabeth would love this! They are my mini dolls:)

  2. I had to order as well! I ordered a ballet outfit! I can not wait!

  3. I recently found this Etsy store and I was impressed with her offerings. I especially like the nightgowns and sweet bunny slippers, but there are lots of cute things for sale here. Thanks for your interview. I was wondering how Mary had started sewing for the mini AG's.