Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Maria's Birthday Sale On Springfield's Website!

This month is Maria's Birthday and it is also My birthday month! I am so thrilled that Springfield Doll Collection are offering 20% of Maria's Favorites this month!
I love Springfield Collection items for all my 18 inch dolls. I have great sucess fitting Springfield items on my American Girl, Harmony Club, Maplelea and of course my 18 inch Springfield dolls. 

To get 20% off your already well priced Springfield items enter code MARIA at time of check out. There is also free shipping with in the USA for orders over $50.
Springfield Doll items offer great value and fantastic doll play opportunities. I highly recommend them!

Click here to visit Springfield Dolls Website today!
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  1. Hey! She looks just like me! But my name is Julie and my birthday is in June. Happy Birthday Maria!