Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doll Sized Disney with Amy Bray of Lemonhead 103

Here is Andy outside our hotel.

Today Contributing Blogger Amy shares with us her recent trip to Disney and all her Doll Sized Disney Finds!

This February, I traveled to Walt Disney World with my family. While I was there I had some downtime waiting for my boys to get off of the crazier rides and Mommy does not have the ability to handle those. What is a doll lover to do? Shop for doll swag, of course.
I did not sneak one of my girls along although I would have loved to but my son that has Aspbergers took his American Girl that is customized into a boy. Andy is his name, and he is named after the Andy in Toy Story.

The first must have that I found for the dolls, is the miniature mouse ears. Mouse Ears are a must have especially as a souvenir from your first trip to Disney. I found these adorable ears all over WDW and I bought them in groups of two as there was a sale if you bought two. With that sale I paid about $ 7.50 each plus the tax of course. They are also available online if you have to have them but do not have a vacation planned. It is the Year of the Ears.  There were many styles to choose from. My son chose the classic style for his “twin” and himself.

I found many cute things that were doll sized that I did not purchase, as space was limited because of the flight home. Here are some photos of different doll sized things I found.

So many dolls for your doll options.

Many tiny plush characters, so you can choose your favorites, some were key rings as the Panda’s were in World Showcase and Kermit I found in Hollywood Studios. In fact, in the word showcase, I found many things for my dolls. I purchased a Mini Flag from Canada and  a Lucky Cat in China, but China and Japan had so many tiny possibilities. Here are some I found in China, Tiny Tea Sets and  mini bugs and animals. Not every find had a Disney character on it which is kind of nice. You might find a small thinking of you for a doll loving friend that is not as in love with Disney.

I found an unusual doll sized shadow boxes featuring Day of the Dead scenes in Mexico in World Showcase at EPCOT and here is a photo of one. 

We also found a doll sized Light Saber that we bought for Andy, and purchased an adorable parasol for my girls. You can have them painted to your specifications, I chose the plainest option as I was not certain which doll I was going to use it with, so no name on it . There are different characters they will paint on it as well.

Andy received one more gift in Disney. I have been looking forever for a set of Buzz and Woody that was doll sized and this set was the perfect size. They are not soft plush like I had hoped for but this little bendy set is very easy to pose so it is a win.  I am sure I missed some other great finds but there is just so much to see and do there. If you go be sure your dolls bring some money for their own Disney gear.

Thank you Amy for sharing these wonderful photos and your experience at Disney with us today!
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