Friday, April 12, 2013

Brandy's Doll Hospital Play Set!

 Today Brandy Shares with us her fantastic and fun Doll Play Dolly Hospital....
"My daughters love to play ‘dolly hospital.’  I watched them playing one
afternoon and they were transporting there dolls around with a tiny blanket.
The poor doll kept flipping out of the blanket because it was not very

"So……I got creative!  I made my daughters a gurney to play dolly hospital.
It is very easy to use and two people can use it by grabbing either end or
one person can use it by picking it up on either center."

"I used two quarter panels of fabric that I already had in my craft room.
These panels usually run 21x21 inches.  I put the rights sides together and
stitched each side end.  I turned it right side out and folded a ¼ inch in
across the top and bottom end.  I stitched the top and bottom ends stopping
1 inch from each end to leave an opening for the dowel rod.  Next I stitched
a straight line down the entire length to create a pocket for the dowel rod.
The dowel rod was then inserted into the pocket and a painted end cap was
glued on each end."

"To surprise them, I set up a dolly hospital for them to play with!"

"Very simple and easy to make!  Enjoy! Brandy"

*Tables, chairs, and IV pole are from Payne Street Doll Boutique.

 Waiting Room
Doctors Desk
 Hospital Room.

Brandy has sent me these photos to share with you and I am so inspired by her creativeness! Her ability to use items in her collection from Payne Street for more then one use really shows the value of each carefully selected well thought out hand made pieces. Additionally her own craftiness and creativity enhances each and every playset she sets up for her girls. I would love to come and play at her house wouldn't you? 
Thank you Brandy for sharing these with us and letting us have a sneak peak in your doll play rooms!
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  1. So cute! What a fab idea and design! I want to have some time to make all the hospital stuff and vet things- you've made some great little pieces for these activities Brandy and Karen!

  2. Did you use a custom order for the IV pole, brandy? I don't se it in the pet hospital section of the P.S.B.