Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brandy's Easter Vet Center Play Set

Last weekend Brandy's adorable daughters awoke to find their Mom Brandy had put together this amazing Vet Play Center Play set for them.
Using items Brandy bought through Payne Street  as well as her creative skills Brandy put together this wonderful set for her daughters. 
The above is the Boarding area where her dolls pets can stay at the Vet center over night!

Brandy has not let any detail slip through the cracks! Look at the IV pole and canisters!

I would trust my pets to visit this wonderful play center wouldn't you?
The grooming station is another impressive piece!
 Lab coats to fish bowl this office works perfectly, Payne Street Picnic Table doubles as the desk.
This vet center is even equipped to help out the larger animals.
this hutch is so impressive also! Look how cute it is!

Don't forget the waiting area! This Vet Set has it all, thanks to Payne Street's Timeless and Multi- Functional Pieces.
This set will provide hours of Doll Play Fun. Don't you just wish you could get an invite to a play date? Thank you Brandy for sharing these inspiring photos today. Thank you also to Payne Street for making so many of these amazing pieces!

You can visit Payne Street by clicking on any of the highlighted words in this post or by clicking here.
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  1. Wow! This is so well done! I wish I had space to do something similar!

  2. How do I find some of these items? The links aren't working..

    1. I do not know if they have taken their websites down for the holidays as they stop taking orders in September until the new year. You could try Lemon Bay Doll Company on Etsy They maybe able to make you something similar.

  3. Looks like they are officially closed for good. I'm sad I missed finding them.

    1. I know I am sad as well. I love Lemon Bay Doll though and they take requests!