Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Very Happy Wednesday! That's The Name of the Etsy Shop!

I stumbled onto a very cool Etsy Shop called A Very Happy Wednesday, and knew what I wanted to share with you this Wednesday! Dolly Wands beautifully made and for sale from the UK. 

Offered at about $11.21 US these fun little dolly wants are the perfect accessory for Dolly Wizard Enthusiasts!
There are more then 20 of these beautifully made and packaged Dolly Wands and I am just in love with this idea! 
 I loved Harry Potter and the series of books, and I love how the designer has in incorporated these in to her doll play and her shop!
Click here to visit A Very Happy Wednesday and let the wand choose you! These doll wands ship world wide for about $6 US.
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  1. That is too funny I just sent her a convo on easy to see about ordering a wand for my daughters birthday:)

  2. Perfect for the harry Potter fans! Love this.

  3. I love harry potter! I am so glad I found this! Do you know if they have a Draco Malfoy wand?