Monday, April 28, 2014

Hearts For Hearts Lover? Here Are Some Patterns and Items You Should Check Out!

The 14 inch doll craze is sweeping the blog here at Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog and I am getting requests to share some patterns for these lovely dolls. Jessica T shares her wonderful tips today with us!
What 14 inch doll I am talking about that is so popular is the Hearts For Hearts Dolls. 
The above photo is for a wonderful pattern offered by our friends at BeachBabyDoll In their Pattern Boutique! This $3.99 pattern will give you the pieces to create a Peasant Blouse and Nightgown for all your 14 inch dolls. Click here for Pattern Boutique.
Jessica T "Saw this groovy girls dress at Target (they have a bunch of new stuff for them) and thought it might fit Tipi and it does!"   What a great find!

Jessica Also found this Free Pattern for the 14 inch dolls! Get ready for Halloween! Click here for link to free pattern from Jennie Bagrowski please remember that this is a free pattern and not for distribution outside of personal use!

To learn more about Hearts For Hearts Dolls (14 inch dolls) please click here
Thank you to Jessica T for all these wonderful funfinds for 14 inch dolls!
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  1. Thanks for the information on the Heart 4 Heart patterns. Beach Baby patterns are really sized perfectly as is the Liberty Jane Free T-shirt pattern for this doll. Some of the sewing blogs include information on how to "shrink" the AG size to Heart 4 Hearts size but this doll is really shaped differently. 123 Mulberry Street at PixieFaire has some lovely patterns too. Just love how these dolls can move their heads to look around and pose. Looking forward to hearing more about these girls.

  2. Great information. Thank you for sharing.