Thursday, April 24, 2014

Knit A Beautiful Sweater For Your Dolls With this Free Pattern From Kathleen Taylor! Thanks To Jessica T for the Tip!

So Jessica T is in charge of finding me fun and fantastic patterns, doll play ideas and tips from around the Dolly World Websites and today she shares with us a recent find for a beautiful Dolly Sweater! This Free pattern comes to us from designer Kathleen Taylor who shared it on her blog Kathleen Taylor's Dakota Dreams blog in 2010.
I am always so excited when someone makes and sends me something homemade and if any of you want to pick up the sticks and head over to my place to show me how to do this I will put the kettle on! I would love to make a sweater like this for my dolls!

Click here to find the full pattern for yourself  and check out Kathleen's wonderful blog.
Thank you Jessica T for this fun find and happy knitting! If you do make this pattern be sure to send us your photos at
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  1. I've made this, and it fits both our Springfield boys and our American Girls perfectly. The only thing I would recommend is to choose a shank button, since it's hard to keep it closed with just regular flat buttons.

  2. I agree. I've made this numerous times and am pleased with how it has turned out every time!

  3. It's very pretty and I love the matching hand warmers.