Saturday, April 5, 2014

American Girl Canada. What We Know So far...

I am getting excited as I know many of my fellow Canadian doll lovers are that the Vancouver and Toronto American Girl Stores are opening very soon! Barb N kindly reminded me that it is more then time for a progress report.

What we know so far about the American Girl Store in Vancouver is it will be 1800 square feet of American Girl Joy, nestled above the Chapters on Robson in down town Vancouver.

I have been assured that  customers will get the American Girl Experience they have come to love and expect in store. Although there is no cafe, the Hair Styling Salon is one I am so thrilled American Girl decided to out in out local flag ship store!

Other things I am excited about....
The T-Shirts, The one thing I expect to purchase for myself is the Red Shirts I collect. I saw a photo on line (not my own so I am not sharing it here) that clearly says Vancouver!!! So if you are in Toronto and make it to the Flag ship store and want to switch a red shirt with me EMAIL ME!!!

Karen Mom of Three in Boston 2011

Many people have asked why I do not go get a job at AG here in Vancouver. The answer is simple, I want to continue to write and share all about the doll world with you all here and in my work with Doll Diaries and Daydream Doll Boutique. I love what I do, its a wonderful hobby and I am not quite ready to give all that up on the chance I could work at the store. That may change in time but for now I remain a very loyal and happy customer.
Seattle Store visit with my nieces and nephew in 2013

I am thrilled to announce that the store is slated to open in Early May and as an insider I know they will have a "Soft Open" in late April. I will make my way to the store  for sure and hope that if you are there you will seek me out!

My trip to the LA store March 2014

I am thrilled to have so many wonderful readers and thank each of you for your comments and your emails.
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  1. I'm a canadian ag lover. CAN'T WAIT for the store to open!

  2. Haha. I am hoping they put a AGP in Philadelphia area. If it should be within 30 minutes of me I'd try to get a part time job to offset my habit/spending. However, as you wrote about why you wouldn't I can understand that any confidentiality agreement we'd have to sign as an AG employee would put a crimp on my blogging.