Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

For those of you celebrating Easter this holiday weekend the team here wishes you a very Happy Easter Sunday!
Madelon has had so many wonderful ideas that I have run out of days to share them before Easter! Here are some more of Madelon's Wonderful Easter Ideas and fun finds that you can add to your Doll Play Collections for year round fun. The Best Part these items will all likely be deeply discounted tomorrow!
At Five Below Madelon found a Jelly Bean Bingo Game! Just add your own Dolly Jelly Beans and you are all set! It is the perfect dolly sized Easter fun game!
 Decorate your own small doll sized Easter basket with ribbon that is peel and stick! Meant for scrap-booking, this ribbon is a perfect scale for a doll sized Easter basket and easy to use!
Puffy stickers that double as dolly Easter Eggs! $2 for $26 dolly eggs! Cut the stickers, keeping on their clear baking  for these easy to make doll size treats! Made by Hallmark these should not be too hard to find!
Madelon has had another amazing find and idea, these adorable little chocolate Lambs and Chick's if carefully unwrapped and eaten can be re wrapped around a cotton ball and kept for doll play!
I love that idea! Check for Mini Lamb's and Chicks at the after Easter sales and try for your self!
Madelon has done the lions share of the work for me in the last few weeks sending me wonderful ideas and I have been so busy with getting my One Minute Doll Chat's up and running on my Youtube page that I have not had as much time to write more then a day or two in advance! With out Madelon I would surely be scrambling! So a huge Thank you to Madelon for her continued wonderful ideas!

Back soon with more fun Dolly News and Doll Play fun soon!
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  1. I'll have to look for that Bingo game when I go out today. My kids love having doll-sized games to play with their dolls. Have you seen the mini Uno card decks at Wal-Mart in their Easter section? There were 4/pack for about $2.

  2. While I was out this morning, I also noticed that Wal-Mart has the off-brand mini "Hungry, Hungry Hippo"-style games again this year. Regular price is $2, so half-price would be just $1. I picked one up for our dolls. There's no box, but it's really cute (and functional, if you're careful).

    I also noticed a mini basketball hoop with suction cups and what looks like a fairly well-scaled basketball (regular $2, I think). I have a few of these leftover from Operation Christmas Child gifts last year, so I'm going to find my stash and see if I'm right about the scale of them. If so, our boy dolls are going to be pretty happy! :)

    Thanks for posting these fun finds. I enjoy hunting for them, and my kids enjoy playing with them!