Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Photos From Our Readers

Linda sent me the most fantastic version she made of her own dolly Easter treat set! I am in awe of her creativity!
Easter is such a fun time of year and I love the pastel colors! Great Job Linda!
I love that she used birthday candles as crayons!
Sophie sent in her version of the set made from the tutorial I posted on Doll Diaries  she also found the egg carton with Brandy's tip of the ones that candy comes in! Love it!
Sophie I love the butterfly in the center of your egg stand!
One of our readers Rebecca sent in this photo of her Granddaughter and one of her favorite dolls!
I love that she is requesting patterns for these lovely dolls and I found a few on PIXIEFAIRE you can see them by clicking here.
I promise to source out some more wonderful patterns soon for these dolls! I love that you are writing and sharing your love of dolls with me!
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  1. A great source for Hearts for Hearts patterns is Jenwrenne's wonderful blog. She generously shares many patterns for free:

    Also, each of her slim 18" doll patterns can be used for the H4H dolls when printed at 77%.

    She also has beautiful patterns for sale in her Etsy shop:

    Let me point out those, specifically:

  2. I'm adding to my previous comment (have more time now!).

    There are some fun free patterns out there, among them those of Vanessa Knutsen (just copy and paste the page in a word document and resize it so the squares measure 1" once printed). They are meant to teach yound girls how to sew (great for adult beginners too, as well as for quick projects):

    There is this free wrap top:!/~/product/category=8670020&id=33377764
    (She also has a few patterns for sale, really cute:!/~/category/id=8600837&offset=0&sort=normal)

    Also, any Corolle Les Chéries pattern will work, except for the lenght of the bottoms (pants and skirts), that should be 1" longer... easy to add!). The French bloggers are very generous with free tutorials and patterns, and Google Translate can help you (sort of) understand the directions.

    There is a great website with Free patterns in English. They will work for the H4H dolls. They are meant for a charity project where we sew and/or knit clothes that are given to little girls having a long stay at the hospital. I took part this March to the project, sending a complete wardrobe, and follow-up emails from the lady told me how happy the girls were to get their doll and clothes. So you can use the patterns for yourself, and also send an outfit or 2 to the charity, putting a smile on the face of some kid living something difficult. Here is the link:

    You have also quite a few patterns you can purchase on websites like Etsy or Pixie Faire.

    For the knitters, you'll find an array of patterns on the French blogs, but also on Ravelry (the patterns will be in English, usually!):
    Here's a free pattern for a cardigan:
    This lady also have many patterns for Les Chéries that will fit the Hearts for Hearts dolls. Just look into her Ravelry store.

    There is a free dress here:
    And an elf costume (that can be made with other colors for a casual look!) there: (the other pieces of the outfit are on the same website).
    A free dress pattern:
    Another one there:
    Some free patterns here (Les Chéries):

    Those stores will also have knitting patterns for the H4H and Les Chéries dolls:

    There is a lot of choice out there, especially with the popularity of the Les Chéries dolls!

  3. I was wondering what Linda used to hold the eggs on the bunny stand. I can't figure put what the plastic holders are. The whole set cane out amazing!

  4. I have just purchased a Hearts 4 Hearts doll and a Les Cheries doll. Pixie Faire is also taking note and has a whole growing section of patterns for clothes and even shoes.

  5. I agree with Sophie with regards to suggesting JenWren's blog for Heart4Hearts doll patterns.

    Great pictures.

  6. Linda says "At first I was going to open bottled tea to use the lids. I hated to do that just for the lids. So I looked around and saw little salt and pepper shakers that we got from visits to a timeshare. They are hollow on the bottoms to make it look like you have more. The eggs fit well, but I wasn’t satisfied. Then I a thought occurred that I could use the holders The eggs would only lay on their sides so I hot glued them so they would stand up. I hot glued three holders together on top of a lid to a vitamin bottle and glued that to an empty spool of thread. I hot glued a toothpick to the bunny and slid on beads and hot glued that . I was happy with the results."