Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Visit To American Girl LA & A One Minute Doll Chat Review

Today I am sharing with you my Second Youtube One Minute Doll Chat and reviewing the Purchase with Purchase outfit I got on my latest trip to the American Girl Doll Store. This time I went to the LA Store.
I enjoyed my quick trip into the store and loved how it was laid out!
The store is set up with a wonderful display on two floors of Isabelle's collection, which is really a pretty collection. You can have your photos taken up stairs and down stairs with Isabelle.
Upstairs there was an area for all the historical dolls with their own little shops, the window displays were so well done and stocked well. The sad part was seeing Molly's area, which was filled with more Caroline items.  Julie's Area was my favorite!
The Bitty area stole my heart, so many wonderful items for the baby dolls!
Two items I am kicking myself for not picking up is the luggage seat which also makes a great highchair/booster seat/car seat for dolls and the beautiful tea set for Bitty and Girls.
I love seeing all the dolls of the year displayed as well.

The Special Offer Purchase with Purchase was so cute I could not leave it behind. For $14 you get a hat, t-shirt with 2014 on it which is a great keep sake and the bracelet! It was so worth the drive just to see the store and pick up the Special offer.
I had a wonderful time in store and am thankful my husband and children allowed me the time to shop and explore this fantastic store.
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  1. VERY nice! :) I enjoy your chats!

  2. Lovely! So glad to hear you had fun.