Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Madlon's Brillant Doll Table Find!

Madelon is ever on the look out for amazing finds for our dolls, this is one of my favorites, and it was her husband that spotted it!
 "My husband and daughters found this for me at Ikea. What a great picnic table."
It requires some assembly but Madelon's daughter was able to do it easily.
Lots of room for friends!
I do believe this is supposed to be a plant stand but what a great idea to use it as a dolly table!
Thank you Madelon and your husband for sending this fun find in!
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  1. That's awesome! Too bad we have no Ikea around here. Everyone else seems to have a local store, and they must have some of the coolest stuff, from what I've seen shared.

  2. I LOVE Ikea! Now another reason to get down there. They have a great doll bed for $19.99 too.

  3. Thanks for the post! Now off to Ikea to find a couple!!!