Monday, April 21, 2014

Take A Look At Dresses Like A Doll Facebook Shop, A New Way To Shop For Doll Clothes!

I found out recently about the wonderful new shop only on Facebook making light and fun outfits for 18 inch dolls. Dresses Like A Doll offers some really sweet outfits in their Facebook Shop.
Priced under $25 including shipping in the USA these are simply fun and whimsical outfits for all 18 inch dolls.
I asked designer Jane about how she came to make her outfits for 18 inch dolls and she kindly shares with us a bit of her story:
"About two years ago, I was looking for some gifts for my new granddaughter.  I came across some really cute items (hair bows, wraparound/barefoot sandals, tutus, etc.) on the internet, but the more I looked the more I realized that I could probably make some of them myself.  While surfing the net for more ideas, I came across the American Girl site."

 "I've always loved dolls, but was astounded at the prices for even the smallest items which I instinctively knew many little girls' families could never afford.  So, I decided to try my hand at making some affordable outfits for dolls.  I looked at some instructional videos on You Tube, fell in love with tutus, and my passion was born!  After much trial and error (my first ones were awful,) I mastered the tutu making, then decided that because "accessories" can make or break an outfit, I began adding matching headbands and sandals.  Then, one day, it just hit me...why not make long dresses too?  So, I did, then added the hats, then the purses and, within just the past few days...a princess wand and a bridal bouquet so a little girl could pretend to be either with her doll...whatever her heart desired! "

"I guess I'd have to say my favorite thing to make is the long dress...when it starts coming together and I see the flowing skirt, the garden hat to match, etc., I can actually imagine the face of a little girl seeing it for the first time, or even having a beautiful dress for her doll for the first time, and it truly fills my heart.  Wow...didn't mean to go on this long, but there's absolutely nothing about making these clothes that I don't love.  I've donated my outfits to many charities for fund-raising auctions, and I would never do that if I wasn't proud of, and love, every item I make."

Check out Dresses Like A Doll on Facebook by clicking here and be sure to tell them I sent you! I love these outfits and can see hours of doll play fun in each creation. Thursday's at my house my niece Thea comes to tea, Tutu's are a dress code! I think I know what I need to order her for her birthday! Thanks to Dresses Like A Doll for sharing with us their photos and designs.
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