Thursday, April 17, 2014

Madelon's Easter Egg Set - An American Girl Easter Must Have!

Every now and then even the craftiest among us fall in love with expensive sets from AG! Madelon recently purchased the new Easter Set at AG and has shared her photos with us today. 
I also saw this set in store in LA and it was pretty darn awesome.

 I had only seen it in the catalog when I made my own for Doll Diaries  (click here to see how I made mine)

After seeing this set in person and holding the pieces in my hands it is hard not to fall in love with it. Madelon and I were surprised that the eggs do not come out of the package but that the crayons do!  Its a beautifully made set and if you are lucky enough to add it to your doll play collection it is sure to become a holiday heirloom. Click here to see the American Girl On line Store listing.
Thank you Madelon for sharing this photo of your doll play set with us today!
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  1. Yes, there are times when it has to be AG no matter the price. The really cool thing is now you have two, yours and AG, to mix and match and play with. More fun for all the dolls.