Saturday, November 9, 2013

Boy Dolls For The Holidays!

A request I get on a regular basis is where can I get a boy doll for my daughter or collection. Here is some of the best Boy Dolls on the market that are ready to ship for the holidays!
My London Guy Dolls are shipping to North American and a great addition to the 18 inch boy doll market. Click here for My London Guy (and My London Girl) dolls.
Last year I was so thrilled to add this wonderful Harmony Club doll I called Ethan to my collection.

 If you click here you can see the new boy dolls Harmony Club is now offering.
Thank Heaven for Little Boy Dolls Custom Etsy shop is offering three great boy dolls currently in their shop click here to visit and adopt these custom created 18 inch dolls.

My Girl Clothing Co. Herilooms Shop is also offering custom American Girl dolls that have been given proper boy wigs and are dressed and ready to bring home this holiday season. Click here to visit My Girl Clothing Co. Heirlooms Boy shop!

I have to share this fun shirt offered by Mini Me Dolly Diva, looks great on girl dolls or boy dolls. Click here for shop and listing.

Be sure to check out these the above sites today to avoid disappointment this holiday season if an 18 inch Boy doll is on your list!
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  1. My Sibling dolls also has boy dolls. I believe they share the same face mold of the London dolls.

  2. Adorable boys, my mother-in-law has recently been customizing dolls as boys, it is so much fun seeing her follow her passion.

  3. Did you see the new my twinn 18" dolls also have a custom boy doll?

  4. I need a boy doll to go with my AG Dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!