Thursday, November 21, 2013

Check Out Jean's Amazing Doll House! I Am Ready To Move In!

One of my dear readers Jean has sent in photos of her dolls new home! Jean has been working on her dolls house for the last few months and has kindly shared her photos with me to inspire those of you at home thinking of putting together a doll home of your own.

Her Doll house is in a "6ft closet,the larger rooms are 3ft,the smaller are2ft. The are 2ft deep & 2ft high."
 I am so impressed with how this homemade doll house turned out.
The blending of doll items from all over the dolly on line shopping world as well as wonderful dollar store finds make this doll house so special!
The Our Generation Kitchen Works perfectly in this room! Look at her overhead lighting! Can you guess what she used?
Every house should have a mudroom! Look at this wonderful mud room on the left...
Jean even had room for a Hospital Themed room in her doll house!
I am so truly inspired by Jean's Doll house which has been a true labor of love! I would love to see and share your doll house photos so do send them in!
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  1. This is fantastic! We're thinking about starting a dollhouse for my daughter, so I love to see other people's creations.

    So, what did she use for the overhead lights? Are they the push-on lights from the dollar store?

  2. Yes I do believe that is what she has used!

  3. Jean tells me: "The lights are from Costco, they come in a 6pack for $29.99 in Canada. They have a remote so you can dim the lights or put them on a 30 min timer, when they turn off it happens randomly so, gradually the lights turn off, really neat! Like in a real house."

  4. Hello, from Brazil. Nice pictures and doll house. I really love!

  5. that is a great doll house! Jean did a wonderful job. I wish I had a closet to spare to make into a doll house.

  6. does Jean have a blog?