Friday, November 29, 2013

Sculpey Clay Tiny Ornament Blog Hop- Christmas Cupcakes That Double As Doll Treats!

Today I wanted to share a tutorial with you using Sculpey Clay that you can use as Doll Treats or as an ornament!
To create your own Sculpey Clay Cupcakes, Ornament and Ornament Hanger you will need:
-Sculpey Clay in Brown, White and Red
-Wax Paper
-Tooth Picks
-18 gauge wire or a paper clip
-Needle nose pliers
-A baking pan
-An oven
-A craft or butter knife

Step 1- Cover your work space with a sheet of wax paper. Use your craft knife to divide your brown Sculpey Clay into 8 pieces. Roll into balls.
Step 2- Take the rolled balls and shape them between your fingers into a "cupcake bottom" shape, similar to the "candy rolo", as shown in the photos above.
Step 3- Use a tooth pick to make the indentations for the cupcake wrapper. Gently press the tooth pick into your Sculpey clay, all the way around the cupcake bottom.
Step 4-  Tear off a fresh sheet of wax paper from the roll and cover the surface you will be working on. This way the color from the cupcake bottom will not transfer to your white Sculpy clay.
Step 5- Break up your white Sculpy and roll it into a long thin snake shape.
Step 6- Roll up your snake shape so it looks like a "soft serve ice cream or piped icing"
Step 7- Press the "icing onto the cupcake bottom" and repeat on your remaining "cupcake bottoms".
Step 8- To make your cupcakes an ornament to hang on your tree you will need to use your pliers to cut away a 1 1/2 inch piece of 18 gauge wire (or you can use a paper clip, unfold it and twist it like the photos shown above).
Step 9- Twist the wire with your fingers or the pliers to create a loop, insert the twisted wire end into the top of your cupcake. Leave the loop exposed. Press the Sculpey clay around the wire slightly.
Step 10- Roll a small amount of red clay between your fingers to create a cherry. Press the "cherry" between the wire loop as shown in the photos above.

Step 11- Roll a very thin snake shape of red Sculpey clay to create sprinkles. Use your craft knife or your finger nails to create " sprinkles" from the red clay snake. Gently press into your cupcake's icing.
Step 12- Rrepeat on your remaining cupcakes.

Step 1- To create an eye catching "peppermint candy" ornament hanger for your cupcake you will need to cut away 6 inches of wire from your spool.
Step 2- Make a snake from both red and white Sculpey clay. Then roll them together as shown in the photos above.
Step 3- Cut away small pieces and roll into "peppermint candy beads".
Step 4- Feed "three beads" onto the middle of your wire, use your pliers to round the edges as shown in the photos above. Create as many of these wire peppermint candy holders as you would like!

Now it is time to bake your Sculpey Ornaments, Doll Treats and Peppermint Candy Ornament hangers.
Line your baking sheet with wax paper and preheat oven to the recommended setting on the side of your Sculpey clay package. Bake your Ornaments, Doll Treats and Peppermint Candy Ornament hangers according to the thickness you have created them at and the directions on the Sculpey clay package.

Remove from the oven when baked and share with the ones you love!
Today I used clay from Sculpey I purchased at Michael's the craft store. I was surprised at how much softer and easier it is to work with then the store brand I usually buy. Today I photographed my Sisterhood In Town 18 inch doll Daniela on my American Doll Room. Christmas Tree from Walmart. The table used is one I created for my Tutorial on Doll Diaries click here to view how.
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  1. So cute, I would really like to make some cupcakes. Those would make cute earrings as well!

  2. I never thought of earnings but you are right! What fun they would be!