Monday, November 18, 2013

Mini Monday Fun Etsy Finds...

Sometimes you come across an item on Etsy you just can not wait to share. For me it is this item and this listing by PleasantCompany01 Etsy Shop. This Dolly and Mini Doll set is sold separately but what a wonderful idea! Click here for Shop and Listing.
Auntie Robin always has mini doll items to make me smile! I love this dance outfit and well everything in this shop! Click here for Shop and Listing. You will be glad you did!
How I love to find well made mini doll items and look at this trio of cuteness! Maggie Ruth Creations has some fun 1930's inspired mini doll outfits! Click here for shop and listing.
Holiday dolly clothes for your mini! Look at these fun mini Pj's for your dolls from Doll Clothes Forever! Click here for Shop and Listing.

Be sure to check back on Monday's for more Mini doll fun!
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  1. I love the dolly and girl look in your first photo. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are really great! Thank you for sharing.