Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cool Kickstarter, One Doll Lovers Can All Get Behind!

Today I bring you a very interesting crowd funding project called Kickstarter by one of my favorite knitting pattern designers Deb of Debonair Designs. I ask you to consider following the links to see how you can help make this project come to fruition. If you are a knitter and doll lover you will want to check this kickstarter out by clicking here or any of the underlined words in this post. 

About my Kickstarter project:

With two knitting pattern books for the American Girl/Götz dolls under my belt so-to-speak I am seeking to start working on my third one, this time for the slim bodied Kidz 'n' Cats girls and boys.

My first two pattern books are already available on my blog and Amazon: http://debonairdesignsblogspot.blogspot.com/p/errata-notes.html, to my delight and surprise have been amazingly popular. I originally created my knitting designs for dolls in 2006 as an avenue for pursuing my passion and in just a few short years, knitting for dolls has become hugely popular world round. 

  The challenge right now has to do with my computer; last month my 9-year-old computer and hard drive failed and I lost everything, software, photos and all.  
  So my husband suggested raising the funds needed via a Kickstarter project in helping me further my work (my passion) by funding a print run along with computer costs needed for the production of my new book, 
Kalendar Kidz’ – hand knitted original designs for the slim 18” Kidz ‘n’ Cats dolls. 

Pictured above is but a small sample of patterns, including a sneak-peek of my new design "Bon~Bon" to be featured (lower right)

Kalendar Kidz’ is an heirloom designer’s knitwear pattern book designed for the slim bodied all vinyl dolls such as the poseable Kidz 'n' Cats series, featuring full color pictures throughout, easy to follow written instructions suitable for both the beginner and experienced knitter, designed for those who have, as I do, a passion for knitting for dolls, to be enjoyed for years to come.

So many of you may be wondering what you get if you donate to get this kick starter off the ground, there are different amounts you can donate to get this project started and for those of you who donate $50 you will get an Autographed Copy of either the Kalendar Kidz when it publishes or either of the other two books currently in publication, as well as recognition as a contributor in Kalendar Kidz book.

For $100 or more you will get Two Autographed copies of Kalendar Kidz as well as two copies of either of Deb's books as well as recognition in the Kalender Kiz book and a personal thank you note from Deb!

To find out more about this Kickstarter please click here.

We here at Karen Mom of Three's Craft blog wish Deb all the best of luck in this Kickstarter!
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  1. Thank you once again Karen :) I cannot wait to compile this book, one I hope your readers will enjoy ~ Deb