Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Dolls Hospital Diaries....

In my early teens I worked at a corner grocery store a small Korean market in our neighborhood. I loved that job. It was a two hour shift on a Sunday while the owners went to church, it was usually slow, except for the odd chocolate bar and Pepsi sale as we were right by the bus stop but while the store was quiet I got to read the doll magazine. It was one of my most favorite things about working there. I remember reading about doll hospitals and wondered what they would be like and I loved the idea of them. Rescuing and loving dolls was always a passion of mine. I just came across this wonderful book The Dolls Hospital Diaries on The Book Depository and its stunning cover reminded me of those wonderful doll magazines and the quiet Sunday's I used to enjoy. I secretly wanted to purchase the store and turn it in to a tea room and shop but in the last 6 months it caught fire. it has been so many things since that wonderful corner grocery store but now it is boarded up.  Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy The Doll's Hospital Diaries. To find out more about The Dolls Hospital Diaries please click here.
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  1. This is precious! I used to LOVE American Dolls when I was a kid! What do you do when you finish repairing/rescuing a doll? Are you able to pass them on to other girls for use again? On my mission for my church, I met a girl who did a similar "business" and actually made homemade doll items (houses, cars, you name it!). Hope to get a reply! And maybe you can check out this blog!