Thursday, February 26, 2015

Madelon's Pepermint Stick Play Set Fun Find!

Madelon' shows us how to make easy Peppermint sticks for your dolls. "Peppermint taste good all year long."
 Using straws bought at discount, you can cut up these peppermint sticks to doll size like Madelon did.
Another great find is this place mat that Madelon picked up on sale for 75% off!
Madelon cut out the pictures and rounded the edges to make them fit on her American Girl Table and check out the adorable glass jar which perfectly holds the candy for year round fun!
So cute!
Check out after holiday sales and clearance sales year round for items you can use for doll play just like Madelon does!
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  1. Yeah! Now I know what to do with the straws I purchased on clearance. Thank you Madelon for sharing your tip with Karen. Peppermint is good for dollies with a tickle in their throat from the allergies when Spring finally arrives. Now we know the groundhog was right! LOL!♡♡♡