Monday, February 23, 2015

Mini Monday Madelon Fun Finds Update!

Madelon and I share a love of the mini dolls, not just American Girl Mini dolls but pretty much any mini doll! Today Madelon shares some of her favorite fun finds for the smaller dolls.
"When I visit the Jersey Shore, I love going to store like Cape May Wicker. Birdhouses, like the beach shop above, are great play areas for your minis."
 Look for items that you can purpose for mini doll play like these jewelery holders.
"I would add a blanket throw to cover the mirror back and maybe some throw pillows"
Have a mini Julie or a 70's themed mini doll check these out! I love them!

Priced out of our market but we both loved this Teaberry Market Hippy Van! It is fantastic and priced at $49.75
 Check out you local beach shops, discount shops for items on sale that would work great for doll play!
Thank you Madelon for sharing your fun finds for the mini dolls with us!
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