Saturday, July 26, 2014

$12.99 Is A Great Price For This Madelon's Fun Find

Madelon got this adorable Our Generation outfit for $12.99 at Target!
Such a fun set and I love the way Our Generation has put together this super fun outfit at such a great price.
The skirt is Tulle Lined...
 Not an iron on either! Embroidered!
The socks and shoes are such an adorable addition to this outfit! Madelon says this is her favorite part!
The skirt alone is enough to make me want to run out and purchase this great set! Thank you Madelon for sharing with us your photos of this fantastic Our Generation Outfit!
Keep your eyes out for fun finds like Madelon's!
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  1. Went to Target yesterday and the dress supplies was very skimpy. Talked to an employee and he said they were getting ready to revamp the toy section and should be restocked on Aug. 3 or 5th. Too Bad they didn't have this outfit for 50's week at Doll Diaries.