Saturday, July 19, 2014

Madelon Checks In With The American Girl Camping Set At The DC Store

Madelon stopped by the American Girl Store in DC and shares with us her photos of the new Camping set.
The part I loved most of the photos that Madelon sent are the Kettle on the stove! I think that is a great play accesory.

Great details in this set!
The dog is too cute! A great fishing partner!
Don't forget his treats!
The little Canoes on the table runner and the bird cups so cute!
Dolly can lay down in the tent!
Love the mesh sides and windows!
The food set sells for $57 and can be viewed by clicking here to see the American Girl Website.
The tent sells for $85 and can be viewed by clicking here.
Thank you to Madelon for these wonderful photos. Let me know what you think about this set!
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  1. While I like everything featured, the pricing is too high for me. I would love to have a tent for my dolls, but have yet to get an AG one due to budget constraints. And if you have a larger doll family, you can get a child size, two person tent for much less.

  2. That is a super cute set for sure. The dog is extra adorable. We're fortunate enough to have an American Girl store here (in Colorado) so we might have to go check this out in person. Thanks for sharing the pictures!