Monday, July 14, 2014

Make Your Dolls A Globe! Reader Fawn Shares Her Craft!

Today reader Fawn Shares with a her craft for making a Globe for your dolls!
 Using a Rubber Ball and a few other items she had on hand she made this fantastic dolly school item!

Here is how she made it!
 You need:
rubber ball
3" plastic lid
soda bottle cap
ring from a jar of mayo
pony bead
hot glue

Cut 1/3 off the mayo jar ring and discard.  Center ends of ring over the north and south poles on the rubber ball and hot glue.  Set aside.

To build base, glue soda bottle cap onto center of plastic lid.

Glue pony bead to center of soda bottle cap.

Glue rubber ball with ring onto pony bead tilting the the ball on its axis.

Thank you Fawn for sending this wonderful craft in to share!
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  1. cool idea! I actually have a globe shaped pencil sharpener that i dont use. now i know what to do with it. :)

  2. That's really neat. Thank you for sharing Fawn and Karen.