Monday, July 21, 2014

Madelon Compares A "Side By Side #61 and Saige"...

Madelon has kindly shared her photos of her new #61 doll and her Saige doll. I was wondering what they looked like together and I am thrilled that Madelon has both dolls.She kindly has taken a few photos to share with all of us today.
 When I first saw the #61 all I could think of is that she looked just like Saige but now that I see them together I can see that #61 has so much more red in her hair then Saige.
Thank you to Madelon for sharing her photos of her new beautiful doll!
I can not wait to see her in person when my nieces come to visit in a few days. 
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  1. I like the side by side comparisons. Before the big Isabelle release Dolly Dorm Diaries did a post where Isabelle met Lanie and they were so much more different than everyone had predicted. it was very nice.